Teneal Bulmer coaches people to make simple yet powerful transformations.

For over a decade, she has supported many people in her grounded, open hearted way to change their lives. Making what may seem 'woo-woo' or 'spiritual' to some a very natural, intuitive and simple inner process, Teneal guides you to take action.

Teneal believes no one needs fixing, only the space to find answers within themselves. Her influences come from methods that have helped her heal; including Hypnoenergetics, Byron Katie and Quantum Consciousness facilitation. These practices focus on embracing the real you, trusting intuition and connecting to your true nature. Teneal's guided sessions create environments that feel safe to explore and to grow.

I believe no one needs fixing.

The work changed my life in the most beautiful way

I was living a normal life when one day my life catapulted into darkness.

The day my only sibling and older brother died suddenly, I was thrown into the deepest grief and trauma I've ever known.

Searching for ways to cope, I experienced the depths of addiction firsthand. I didn't know how to live without him and ended up having a heart attack that almost killed me. My heart had literally broken but I knew I didn't want to die - it became the impetus to change for me.

I look back on my past now as the best thing that could have happened to me. That time of my life built the profound empathy that allows me to support others and the tools of how to do it.

Teneal Bulmer

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Teneal operates from her home studio near Frankston beach or can travel within Metropolitan Melbourne.