Journey deep within

Quantum Consciousness is a guided exploration through your own personal universe.

Have you heard the saying that you are not in the universe, the universe is in you?

I will guide you to a state of remembering, allowing you to embrace your expanded state of being.

Outside of time and space you can access your future or past selves from your present life.

Throughout each realm of consciousness can be an exchange of healing, wisdom & love.

This unique experience allows you to find healing and wisdom from within.

The Realms of Consciousness explored in a Quantum session are

Stored Consciousness Realm

Explore any experience at any age of this lifetime. Unearth wisdom or healing you are seeking to feel whole. This realm offers to expand time and space as we know it and remember that we are more than we believe ourselves to be.

Alternate Consciousness Realm

Have you ever made a life changing decision and always wondered what if you had taken the other path? In this sliding-doors realm explore your turning points and meet your alternate selves. This experience puts to rest questions and 'what if's', allowing you to learn from both paths.

Parallel Consciousness

In past lives we have lived many eras and incarnations on this earth. This realm takes you beyond the restrictions of time and space to transcend history. Use this to claim hidden wisdom, share or exchange healing. All aspects of yourself raise to a higher vibration through this process.

Interdimensional Consciousness

See, feel or re-experience what it is like to be in another type of existence. This realm provides a deeper understanding beyond the influences of our human form.

Eternal Consciousness

Experience the transformational energy of 'all there is'. Expand your state of being to be the universe, not part of it, without limitations. This is an energetic experience of all that we are.

Present Consciousness

Having undertaken this remarkable journey we move back through our realms forever changed. Arriving in our Present Consciousness we integrate, grow and evolve from our discoveries.

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